Dragon Boat Races

A couple of weeks ago, I signed up to be part of Karen’s office’s Dragon Boat Team, and had a blast. But then the pictures came back and I looked way overweight. Something needs to be done, and the since we had just joined the new Auburn University Montgomery Wellness Center, I decided it was time to get serious about my health. I need to lose weight, eat better, get in to shape and get fit.

(I’m not going gangsta in the picture, the hat is trying to keep my neck from burning)


Auburn Montgomery Wellness Center Opens

The journey began yesterday, at the AUM Wellness Center. I got the first pair of swimming goggles I’ve ever owned, hopped in the pool, and had to give up swimming after 350 yards…panting like a dog. But I hadn’t been swimming in a lot of years, so maybe that was it.

But no, this morning I couldn’t even complete the 1/8 mile indoor track without stopping, out of breath. So I now have a goal – get out of the bed at least four times a week, and work out before I go to work.

But it is a beginning!