Tactio Health Tracking App

I’ve found a nice app for my iPad, that will allow me to begin tracking health data on the new healthier me. It’s called Tactio Health, and it lets me begin tracking blood pressure readings weekly (because they just have to come down), resting pulse, weight, and LDL/HDL/triglycerides from annual checkups. It’s nice because it then gives you colored indicators of whether you are in the red zone, various shades of yellow in the middle, or the green zone. I have way too many yellow to orange buttons showing.

It also lets you set a weight loss goal, and the time period you want to lose it, and tells you if your target is achievable or unhealthy to attempt. I want to lose 36 pounds by December 31, and being a tech kind of guy this will help to motivate me.

(No, this is not my info, it’s off their website)


One thought on “Tactio Health Tracking App

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