Oh Joy, I Get To Start All Over, Learning To Swim Freestyle

When I started swimming two months ago, I wanted to work on my breathing and pace, and the breaststroke seemed like a great way to start. It’s a lot harder to breathe in a mouthful of water during the breaststroke than doing the free. So for two months I’ve worked up to doing 2,000 yards of continuous breaststroke, three mornings a week. I was happy. I was not fast, but my breathing was working for me, and my distance was increasing.

I wanted to start off right on freestyle and stop swimming flat, while forcing myself to breathe bi-laterally. Seemed like a good plan until this morning. New muscles complaining all over again. No stamina. I’ve never done a flip tun in my life (I saw a post somewhere where the Brits call it a tumble turn, which is closer to what I am attempting). I feel like I’m back to square one. But I guess I need a new challenge.


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