Just Ran 10k for the First Time

I have upped my daily runs over the last two weeks to two laps (4.2 miles) of the outdoor course I’ve been running. This is, for me, a big jump over the 3 miles I was running.

I’m now swimming between 1,800-2,000 yards, three days a week plus running the 4.2 miles twice a week. And today I just added my first weekend long run – 10k. I don’t even want to mention my speed (slow) because I’m still working on my pace and breathing by doing run/walk intervals. I have built up to 4.5 minutes running (slow) and 20 seconds walking. And I’ve been running for just over two months now.

Anyway, the first two miles felt like a slog, it was a longer distance than I’ve ever done and I was getting frustrated. And then…somewhere starting mile three it seemed to come together for me. Next thing I knew I had skipped a couple of the walk intervals and then ran almost the entire last 4 miles. Super excited! Everything I had read said this would finally happen, but I was beginning to wonder.

Of course losing 22 of my 36 pound goal has certainly helped.


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