Thanksgiving Running

After my last couple of weekend runs ending with a sore knee part way through, I’ve focused on my pace and running a mostly flatter course. I’ve decided part of my problem has been starting out at a pace that was too high, and then pushing it on hills early in the run. The outdoor track I’ve been running has a pretty sharp uphill segment, followed by a long slower climb.

I’ve got a Christmas 10k coming up in two weeks, my first 10k, and I’ve been questioning myself over whether I could make it without walking the last part if my knee got sore.

I tested myself running on an indoor track, for 10k, on Monday, and had no problems (except being bored going in short circles). Next, I studied up on how to set up some interval training on my iSmoothRun app and put together a 5k and 10k set of negative intervals at a good training speed for me. I knew that with the four day Thanksgiving weekend I would be food challenged and would need to burn some calories to break even on weight.

On Thanksgiving day the weather was great – about 70 degrees with a nice breeze. I ran 10k around my neighborhood, doing three loops around a course with a long uphill, but not too steep, on the back side. Hearing the iSmoothRun voice telling me “slower” during the first couple of kilometers really helped me get a better feel for my pace. I finished tired but not worn out, or too sore, so I was very happy.

The next morning I was up three pounds, so I obviously enjoyed my Thanksgiving dinner (cornbread dressing – I had to have seconds). Back outside that afternoon, I ran 5k at a faster pace with a sprint the last 100 meters. I was pretty worn down about the 4k point, but pushed through and had enough gas to do the sprint, so I was happy. I ran three minutes faster than my only 5k chip time, which also made me happy.

Now I’ll just be focusing on my upcoming 10k, and at least know I’ve got a good plan to work over the next two weeks. And focusing on keeping the weight going down, and not up. This morning I was down one pound, so I still have work to do to get over my holiday weight gain.


One thought on “Thanksgiving Running

  1. Good luck on your upcoming race and hope the knee holds out for you. Don’t forget to give yourself a couple of days of easy workouts and rest going into your race for a good taper. I didn’t do this going into my first planned triathlon and ended up pulling an already sore calf.

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