My First 10k Race

I finished my first 10k race today! This might get people jealous in other parts of the world, but here, on December 8th, it was 61 degrees Fahrenheit and 88% humidity at 8:00am. An absolutely great day to be out running.

I really wanted to get this done before the Christmas holidays arrived (I’ve lost 34 pounds as of today, with 6 more to go, and will be fighting weight over Christmas), and I found a great race. The Jingle for Tots run, in Alexander City, is a combined 5k and 10k where we lucky 10k runners got to do a second lap.

It’s put on by the First United Methodist Church as a fund raiser for Toys for Tots. The proceeds go to it, and every runner had to bring a new toy as well. How could I go wrong? I got a new 10k PR, I got to run with bells on my shoes without people thinking I was odd, I got a long sleeve t-shirt with this logo on it, and I got a pancake breakfast.

running reindeer

I had gone to Runner’s World and used their Pace Times Predictor and got a 10k time based on my 5k from about two months ago, and beat that time by 8:43. So I am happy about that. But I was 1:10 over my personal goal, so just a little disappointed in that.

I’m still doing run/walk negative split intervals, and had the headset on with the little voice in my ears telling me slower or faster. That really helped me pace myself the entire way, and the negative splits force me harder at the end, to help me build endurance. But the last 1.5 mile of both laps was uphill all the way. My GPS says about 85 feet in elevation change (but probably not all that accurate). Main thing was my knee started letting me know it was mad at me by about mile 5, and uphill is what gets it mad. So all things considered, it’s already been an excellent weekend.


3 thoughts on “My First 10k Race

  1. Congratulations on what sounds like a great first 10K race. I’ve yet to get a first real 10K in and really look forward to adding it to the race calendar next year. Glad to hear the knee held up for the most part.

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