First Run of 2013

I went running today, to start the new year off right. After turning cold for a week, out of nowhere it was 70 degrees today with rain coming in during the afternoon.

I got a Wahoo Fitness Heart Rate Strap for Christmas from my kids, and wanted to try it out with a nice run around the neighborhood. I also wanted this to be my second “no walking” run, since I have vowed I am past the walk-run stage.

I did 3.4 miles on Sunday, and 3.7 miles today. I’ve done a 10k already, but it was definitely a run-walk 10k. I’m trying to increase gradually, like all the experts say to do. The heart rate data is interesting, but now I’m going to have to do a couple of all-out efforts to see if my real max heart rate is higher than my calculated MHR. I thought I was going at a nice Z3 pace, but it showed I was at a high Z4.


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