Goals for 2013

Looking back (a very short distance) at my four and a half months of 2012 fitness totals, I get these numbers:
(There are some extra treadmill and elliptical workouts added to the totals, for anyone who notices the math is not right)

Frankly, it’s staggering to me to think that in a third of a year I lost 39 pounds (I just missed my 12/31/2012 goal of 40 pounds) while walking/running/swimming 302 miles. Because before I started I had never run or done lap swims.

My initial goal when I started was simple – get out of bed at least three mornings a week and do some kind of exercise. And I have, so I’m now claiming a 100% success rate for 2012!

My 2013 goals need to be just a tad more precise, however.

  • To start, I want to lose that last pound and keep it off.
  • I also want to continue to lap swim three days a week, and run three days a week, for an hour every weekday and longer for my weekend run. My times will take care of themselves, if I spend that hour every morning.
  • I want to run three or four 5k and 10k races this spring, and get my 5k time to 33 minutes or better.
  • My longer goal is get ready for, and finish, a half marathon by the summer.

2 thoughts on “Goals for 2013

    • Actually, I use Sport Tracks for local storage and Garmin Connect for web. That’s a JPEG I had to use because WordPress won’t let me use a table.

      I’ve been following your blog, and thought about you while I ran today in 70 degree weather.

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