Goals Part 2 – and a Super App

Like all of you who use DailyMile, I got a link to my prior year’s data. Only my prior year was just 4.5 months. But still, good info to look at when planning my 2013 campaign.


I found another really nice app for both iPhone and iPad, that doesn’t let you enter any info, but rather presents your Garmin Connect data in some very nice ways. For instance, here is a graph of my swimming pace, over time.


It gives you data summarized by the same running/swimming/cycling categories in Garmin, but has simple drill-down into a ton of data. Also gives you weekly and monthly totals for these three categories. Here’s a cool “heat map” of my last weekend run, showing cadence. You can see I started slow (a bunch of the beginning part of this loop is up hill – good for practice but bad for cadence) but then stayed green most of the way. It was a four mile run, and the red color at the end was my “give it everything you have left” sprint to finish after I had hit four miles.


Go to the App Store, and enter Garmin Connect (there is a disclaimer about being not affiliated with Garmin in any way, but that’s how I found it), and you’ll see it costs $0.99 and can be downloaded to every IOS device you have.


OK, I’m off to analyze all the data this app is giving me.


One thought on “Goals Part 2 – and a Super App

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