I Did 7 Miles Yesterday

It’s been a couple of weeks since I posted. I’ve been trying to do speed work inside, during the week, and build my distance on weekend long runs. Meanwhile my swimming times have stalled, but I’m getting in 2,400 yards three times a week, so I’m hoping to see an increase there as well.

As the title of the post says, I’m now up to 7 miles, running at about an 11:00 minute/mile pace. Funny thing is, even taking it slower I beat my only 10k race time by 4 minutes, so the “go long and speed will follow” advice is working.

Actually, when I got done yesterday, I could absolutely not believe I had calmly run for 7 miles, and planned to do 7.5 next weekend!

My first race of 2013 is coming up on the 23rd, a 5k. I beat my prior time by 6.5 minutes, in a practice run last week, and would love to go sub 30 but would realistically be happy beating 33. So now I’ve got to focus on keeping the speed drills while figuring out my taper.


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