I Got the Results Back On My Fitness Test

I completed an entire battery of fitness tests, at the local university, designed to give me an overview of where I stood on bone density, breathing, heart rate, etc. A lot of it was informative; the EKG part was great because it showed there was no problem with my heart that should interfere with my running, and it calculated fat content about six different ways plus it included bone density.

The fitness test was the common treadmill fitness test where they ramp up the speed and the incline until you stop. I never run on a treadmill, so it was a bit strange for me, and it turns out they measured my max heart rate before I thought I would fall off the back of the treadmill, and not my max heart rate.

I know this because the report says my max heart rate is 167, which seemed a little low, but they’re the professionals, right? So I updated my MHR values in iSmoothRun, and after today’s 5k it showed 98% of the race I was in zone 5. So I looked at my heart rate graph, and the first 5 minutes it was all over 170, close to 180 a couple of times. Now that was probably adrenaline, but still, max heart rate cannot be exceeded, and still be max.

So I changed by MHR to 180, and everything after that first five minutes fell firmly into Z4, which is where I should be, running my 5k pace.

So all-in-all it was a good report, and worth the money just for the positive EKG reports.


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