Just Finished My 2nd 5k

Just finished my second 5k, and first for 2013. My first 5k was only about six weeks after I started to exercise/run, and gave me a great benchmark for the shape I was in before I got off the couch. I was doing run/walk/pant-like-a-dog intervals, and ran a 38:15.

This morning, five months later, on an out-and-back 5k course that felt uphill in both directions, I ran a 31:03. I had said my goal was to go sub-30 (and it still is) and I would OK with going sub-33. So I guess I hit it right about the middle. But I am stoked that I dropped 7 minutes off my time. That’s an 18% drop! Even cooler was I was number one in my age bracket and medaled. As I have read before, it’s just as much about who doesn’t run, as who does, and this 5k skewed to younger runners.

Now I have to sign up for my next 10k, my first for 2013. Because I ran my first 10k back before Christmas, I hit a better pace, so I won’t see such a big drop. But I will drop my time.

I also saw an 8k that I think I want to run. That would give me a new PR at a new distance.


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