Update On the First Two Months

2013 has, so far, been good for my continued fitness quest. I’m maintaining my weight loss and the weather gods have been kind.

For the first two months of 2013, I have gotten in 106 miles running (with one 5k race) plus 43,400 yards swimming. I’m amazed to look at that swimming distance – it’s over 24 miles.

My 5k race time has dropped nicely, and I can now swim a 1:45 100 yard freestyle. I don’t think I could finish another 25 yards at the same speed, so I guess that really is my top end speed, for now. I can already tell that dropping another 15 seconds off that pace will be a lot harder than dropping a running time. There are just SO MANY moving parts swimming free, my brain won’t stop analyzing and let me just swim.

But they both make me feel great, all day long. Still having fun staying fit!