Wow, It’s Been A Month Since I Posted Anything

A week after my last post, my wife and I took off for Bavaria to meet a new grandchild (who is adorable, but has nothing to do with fitness). The weather was hovering at zero most of the week we were there (Celsius, since we were in Germany), but I did get in a couple of nice four mile runs, out and and back on an asphalt trail that followed the river as it left town. (This photo is from last year, when the photo doesn’t look like a black and white because there are no leaves yet)


I saw the funniest thing, during my second run, but couldn’t get phone phone out to take a picture. I saw this guy, on a motorcycle, coming slowly toward me on the path, with a dog running next to him. As he got closer, I saw he had this huge bushy beard, like an old-time sailing captain in a movie. Then he got closer, and I realized he had a large blue parrot perched on his shoulder! Remember, I’m in Germany and it’s freezing, and he’s on a motorcycle with a parrot, just sitting there. It squawked at me as he went past. And I…couldn’t…get…the…picture. Oh well.

I wondered why my times were about one minute per mile slower than I had been running, and first thought it was the the fact I been running indoors a lot. But then I looked up the elevation and saw I was at 1,450 feet and I live at 300 feet elevation! So then I got happy with my speed.

Then we came back, and while I picked back up with my training routine, I found myself swamped at work – hence no posting. I have now gotten my training pace down to 9:45 minutes/mile, and can keep that pace for about 4 miles before slowing down. I have a 5k coming up the end of April, where I want to again try and break 30:00 minutes, and then an 8k in the middle of May.

I have scaled back my two weekday runs to 30 minutes, because I am beginning to spend those extra two thirty minutes doing strength training in the Wellness Center. Everything I read says “strengthen your core to run better and safer” so I am working on this. Also working on arm and shoulder fitness, to help in swimming.


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