I Bought a Bike – I’m Going To Tri

I finished my first 5k in sub-30 time several weeks ago, and have been working on my 8k pace for a race coming up next weekend. So I’ve been pretty busy, but not much to blog about. I’ve run the (really hilly) 8k course in training, in just under 51 minutes and hope to break 50 in the race.

I’ve also been looking at purchasing a bike for several weeks. It came down to (I thought) a Felt Z100 and the Trek 1.1. I even asked IowaTriBob what he thought, since he seems to be about a year further down this path than I am, and he bought a Felt Z100.

However, my local LBS had other thoughts. I needed a 58cm frame, and they did not have the Felt or the Trek 1.1 in that size, but made me a deal on the Trek 1.2.
Trek 1.2
They let me test ride three different bikes, and I really felt good with the Trek frame. It ended up being more than than Felt, which was already about $90 more than the Trek 1.1, but was a great discount. So I got the carbon fork and Shimano Sura components (9 speed, not 8) that neither of the others had, plus a discounted Bontrager Ant+ Speed and Cadence sensor with a rubber quick release instead of zip ties.

Huntsville Sprint Triathlon
To make it a perfect weekend, my wife emailed me a link to the 33rd Huntsville Sprint Triathlon in Huntsville Alabama, in just 4 short weeks, that has the 400 yard swim in their natatorium – you swim all 8 fifty yard lanes in a zig-zag – so no first timer’s open water swim anxiety! And of course, because it’s my first Tri, I get a new PR – woot!

This Triathlon benefits Deep Roots of Alabama, an educational non-profit corporation coaching individuals, families, and communties how to grow their own food. Deep Roots of Alabama offers “hands and hearts in the soil” learning with committed, educated gardener-teachers who mentor the gift of growing natural fruits and vegetables while developing community relationships and increasing food security throughtout North Alabama. So it’s a good cause, it should be a great time, and I will finally be a Triathlete.


3 thoughts on “I Bought a Bike – I’m Going To Tri

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  2. Congrats on the purchase and glad you got a chance to test ride a few different bike choices. Feel is so important in addition to a good fit. You’ll do great in your upcoming triathlon.

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