Retiring My iPhone for the Garmin 910xt

When I started my fitness quest last August, I was using my iPhone and trying various apps to track my running. My swimming was so poor that just a total lap count and time in the water was all I needed, and I did not have a bike. I eventually settled on iSmoothRun, and this has been the best iPhone running app I have found.

Several months ago, I began thinking that I might benefit from the Garmin Swim watch, since I now had a stroke that it might recognize. Because I’m an IT guy I am very data-driven. But I just couldn’t pull the trigger. Meanwhile, several interesting new watches were being announced, and I began thinking about getting a bike (see yesterday’s post), which meant the Garmin swim wouldn’t help me…my brain was hurting from over-thinking all of this.

Here are the contenders:

  • The Leikr watch says it is “Made by athletes, for athletes”. It is a beautiful looking watch, but it is not waterproof (it might be in the future, but they they can’t guarantee this) and there is no mention of lap swimming capability. So it looks like they are out of the running. (bad pun intended)
    Leikr watch
  • The folks at TomTom have announced a new watch, but there is no known availability date, at this time, and their previous Nike co-branded attempt was under-whelming. Since I want to start using it now, they also did not make the cut.
    TomTom watch
  • The Bryton GPS60 watch looks really interesting, and they have said lap swim tracking is coming in their next software update. DCrainmaker has been using and testing it, and so far the performance appears good. However, they have no U.S. distribution due to a lawsuit by Garmin alleging patent infringement. Additionally, it’s a little scary that for the last several days, when you click on the link on their site for this watch, you get an error screen. If they can’t keep their website working, how good is their code? Plus their pricing is unknown, if they get their U.S. distribution fixed, as rumored. So they had to get scratched also.
    Bryton GPS60 watch
  • Then, two days ago, Garmin started a huge sale on selected products that dropped the 910xt from $399 to $299! At that price, I pulled the trigger, and it should arrive in about three days.
    Garmin 910xt

I mean, really, at 25% off of the best triathlon watch on the market, what could I do?


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