My First Brick Workout

I decided the Memorial Day holiday weekend was a perfect time to try out my bike, and I needed to establish a base-line course I could ride against as I (hopefully) get better on my bike. Having just less than four weeks until my first triathlon, I decided to add a run on the end, and make it a brick workout.

I ended up with a nice route that was 10.53 miles long, and averaged 15.5mph. My Garmin told me I did 341 feet of total elevation gain, so it was a challenging, but not difficult ride. My max speed was 24mph, which of course was down one of those hills, and my average bike cadence was 75, which is lower than I wanted. So I was happy with the course, and happy knowing I have a base-line to work from, plus everything I’ve read says 15mph is a good rookie speed. My average run cadence is 84-86 and I’d like to get my bike cadence to match, so that’s goal #1 for now.

Then I got back, hopped off the bike and racked it in the garage, flipped the Garmin to run and started down the driveway. I thought I was going to DIE! I had read that this was why you needed to do bricks, but I didn’t expect this. I walked/shuffled an entire 0.75 miles before giving up. Then I couldn’t sit down at the breakfast table I was so sore.

I am sooo glad I knew to get this over before the actual race.


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