Quick Update On Using A Garmin 910xt In Lap Swimming

I wore my new Garmin 910xt for the first time this last weekend. Ran a race, did a couple runs around the neighborhood, and on my bike. Because I wear bi-focals, I’ve been strapping it on with the watch face on the inside of my arm – it gets the numbers easily into the lower lenses of my glasses that way.

Then on Tuesday, my first swim day with the watch, I was amazed at how badly it did with my stroke recognition. Admittedly my stroke needs a lot of work, but still over a third of my laps came out breaststroke, and probably half came out “mixed”, and I swam every lap 100% freestyle.

I scratched my head, and then for this morning’s swim I wore it on the outside of my arm, the way most folks wear a watch, and it recorded every lap of a 2,000 yard workout as freestyle. Since my stroke did not improve significantly over the last three days, I believe it was the placement. So, lesson learned, and advice for anyone else who is having problems and wearing it on the inside of your arm…stop it!

My wife said the poor Garmin thought it was upside-down on the first day and had no idea how to analyze my stroke.


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