Catch Up Posting

Wow, two weeks with no posts – I have been busy at work and busy working out. Oh, and watching the Tour de France for the last three weeks!

I have had to give up my August Sprint Tri, but have signed up for my first half marathon in October. Last week I did my longest bike ride yet, at 40 miles, and today I ran my longest run ever at 9 miles as I ramp up my training for the half marathon.

I’ve also signed up for my second year of the Montgomery Dragon Boat Challenge. If you ever see one of these in your area, get involved and join a team or start a team. It is an absolute blast.

You, Only Faster
I have also bought the Kindle version of Greg McMillan’s new book “You, Only Faster”. Hopefully this will help me to fine-tune my training. For the last couple of Wednesdays I have begun to run quarter mile hill repeats with my local running/biking/tri club. We do laps of a quarter mile up the hill, quarter mile back, rinse and repeat for 8 or 10 loops. Then I’m doing my long run on the weekend.

I also pulled the trigger on the Saucony Kinvara 3’s. I found them online for $69.00, and could not resist them at that price. The wide version I wanted only comes in this subtle muted color, so I will glow in the dark every morning I wear them!
Saucony Kinvara 3


Road ID App (now in beta) Is Free

I just found out that the folks at Road ID have an iPhone-only app that is **free** that allows you to set up to five people up to receive an email when you go for a run/ride. They get an email that tells them what you’re doing, and has a link to a website map where they can track your progress.

It even has a feature that will send an alert if you have been stationary for longer than 5 minutes, before your activity is supposed to end.

I downloaded it today, and will be testing it out, and so should you!

I’ve Signed Up For My First Half Marathon

Last weekend I put my money down for the Montgomery Half Marathon on October 12. The longest I have run to-date is 8 miles, along with a couple of 7 milers, so I’m putting together a training plan. The good news is that I have a lot of time to slowly build my base miles and try to avoid a stupid injury.

Over the last five weeks I’ve been averaging three runs per week, with an average distance of about 3.5 miles, due to my focus on the 5k part of my Sprint Tri. Now I just need to bump my weekly miles from around 10 to somewhere closer to 20.

I also have a shoe decision that I need to figure out soon. My Sir Isaac Newton shoes, that I have been running in since I started last August, have over 425 miles on them. They have been good shoes to learn how to run, the website says they are “designed for all runner types for everyday base-building and slower-paced running“. But I’m not sure if I want to get another pair of Newton’s at the price they want. I’ve been looking at the Saucony Kinvara 3 because it’s also offered in a wide, and I can buy a pair for half what a Newton will cost. I have read they wear out faster, but at that price it seems like having a new shoe every six months is better than once a year, all other things being equal. Anyone worn Kinvara’s?