Capital of Dreams Olympic Triathlon

Time to jump in the river
This was my third triathlon, and my first Olympic distance. The big reason I wanted to race this, besides the fact that it’s in Montgomery and I wanted to support it, was that we got to get on the riverboat, then ride it upstream for a mile and jump in to swim back to the riverfront. Who could resist?

Getting ready to leave the dock
I had my new wetsuit, I’d done a trial swim downriver with a group that was supervised by the Montgomery Fire Department. I was ready. That’s me in the top left of the picture, on the upper deck of the riverboat. Needless to say, with the current I had a good swim time, and popped out pulling off the wetsuit.

Exiting the swim

Coming back in on the bike
Then it was off on a two-loop bike course. It was mostly flat, but there was a nice climb up and over the interstate on the way back, twice. But it felt good, and I made good time, averaging 17.8mph over the 24 mile course.

The 10k run
Finally, there was the 10k run. I did OK, but could have done much better. It was a hilly course, it was hot, excuse #3. I could have done better. But I somehow medaled, in the Grand Masters category. 2nd place, and I’ll take it thank you very much (I know there are four of us standing there, but it was the Masters and three Grand Masters, only two of each were there for the awards).

Awards ceremony

View upriver
All the way up the river, past that bridge, at about the point you can see the right-hand bank behind the middle pier, that’s where the swim started.