My First Triathlon Wetsuit Arrives

Having signed up for two triathlons this year with open water swim distances in the one mile range, I have been firmly committed to making this OWS thing work. My first is May 31st, the Capital of Dreams Triathlon held here in Montgomery. I’m pretty excited because you get on the riverboat, which chugs upriver, and then jump off (it’s only 3 feet to the water) into the Alabama River and swim 1,500 meters back to the dock.

BlueSeventySince the river will be just 70-72 degrees that week, a triathlon wetsuit was needed. After looking around, I found that for some unknown reason almost every manufacturer of tri wetsuits was backordered for weeks on most of the main male sizes. I finally found a suit online (their last one in my size) that I had wanted, the Blue Seventy Sprint. It seems like a great entry-level suit, at a good price, and I like that it wasn’t just flat black all over with a huge logo on the chest. That’s me and a multisport teammate trying out our suits – my first time getting mine wet. The fact that the coloring was orange and blue was just an added bonus for this Auburn fan.

This might be the only time this year I will need a wetsuit, since my Toughman 70.3 is in Alabama in August and I am sure the water will be plenty warm by then! I found out after swimming a short bit in the lake, that my blue-tinted pool goggles were just not going to work in open water. The field of vision for sighting was just too small, and then I read that blue tint makes the big orange buoys turn into dull brown blobs that are very hard to see. So a new pair of goggles must be purchased.